Attention Coffee Lovers!


Are there any fellow coffee lovers out there?

Good…because I want to take a break from talking about my journey out of debt to share with you some of the best coffee I’ve ever had.

I live in the amazing city of Eau Claire, WI and just recently I discovered that we have a local roaster here in town. His name is Matt Schwahn, and his company is Honest Roast Coffee.

I don’t know Matt personally, but I read that he has developed his own special roasting methodology. That’s pretty cool. And it’s definitely working because my tastes buds do a happy dance after every sip.

I wish I was more sophisticated and could describe the tastes and aromas for you, but I can’t. I just know that I like it and that it’s some of the best coffee I’ve ever had.

And I recommend brewing it with a Kalita Wave – such a simple and great brewing method.

So if you’re looking to try some new coffee I highly recommend giving Honest Roast Coffee a chance. You can order from his website, or if you’re in the Eau Claire area go buy some at Just Local Food.

photo credit: Daniel Ruswick


8 thoughts on “Attention Coffee Lovers!

  1. Hey Ernie,
    Just wanted to say that I got the coffee today and am LOVING my first cup as I write this; thank you so much!

    Be sure to email/contact page me your address because I’ve got something I want to send as a thank you. Thanks again, man…you’re awesome!


      1. Now I’ve just gotta look into a pour over system. The Kalita Wave you mentioned looks like a good possibility. BTW, I got your address message…I’ll hopefully make it to the post office Friday-ish. Thanks again! 🙂

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      2. The wave is an investment – you have the apparatus itself along with the filters, then you’ll need a scale, and you may end up wanting to buy a Burr grinder just so you can have the best ground beans ever. Oh, and then there’s the premium coffee you’ll want to always buy because why do through all the trouble for crappy coffee?!?! But to me this is all worth it. Good coffee brings me pure joy so I’m all-in committed to it. If you dive into this don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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      3. I get it; my wife and I really enjoy our evening cup of coffee before I go to work so I’m looking forward to the new experience. I think I’m gonna give that whole “delayed gratification” thing a try though…lol All the pieces needed for the Kalita are in my saved-for-later section on Amazon so, until then, the Keurig will continue to do just fine. I will definitely let you know when we pull the trigger and I’ll be keeping that video you sent me for reference, as well. 🙂

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  2. I’m very addicted to coffee and I am sad to admit that when I was financially irresponsible, I would frequent Starbucks three times a day. Thankfully, I have come to my senses and those days are over. I have been looking at replacing my mediocre brewer for the pour over method. I may just have to make the jump and give it a try. – Madison


    1. Pour overs have revolutionized my coffee experience. Definitely worth checking out if you love your coffee…which it sounds like you do 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Madison.

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